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crushing doubt

Nov 3, 2020

On the premiere episode of crushing doubt, renowned pain psychologist, Dr. Dan Ratner, and his cohost, Julie Konrad, discuss the importance of doubt in society and in addressing pain and other symptoms effectively. We begin a long look at how to alleviate pain and other symptoms by changing thoughts to change physiology. Dr. Ratner reveals some of the inside tricks of the trade of rapid symptom relief.

Guest Witalij Martynow, athlete and author, shares his inspiring story of recovery, working with Dr. Dan in 2018, including the book he wrote from the experience of feeling his life was over to feeling more empowered than ever just weeks later. Dr. Dan helps elucidate why the ability to be personally powerful is so intertwined with mastery over symptoms of the mind-body variety. This unique brand of alternative medicine relies on science and logic to expand the mind and gain greater control over bodily experience.