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crushing doubt

Nov 23, 2020

On the fifth episode of Crushing Doubt, Dan interviews one of his own patients, Katie Haller, who gave her permission to tell the story of her recovery from chronic knee pain. Dr. Ratner and Katie follow her journey from the onset of her symptoms, her visits to all sorts of practitioners in many fields, including traditional medicine, all the way through to her TMS treatment. She shares the striking and difficult story she endured, but Katie is a professional comedian, so she brings a great deal of humor to the situation as well. It’s easier for her to laugh now that she has progressed so far in her pain relief. She still has symptoms flare up when something too large pops up in her emotional life, but the two continue to work these things through for her and help her grow stronger and more confident in her own abilities and safety with her symptoms.

Julie and Dan also explore the ideal of individualism and how it can lead to a secret doubt in ourselves in the face of the expectations of society. The podcast closes as Julie and Dan discuss the nature of the Emotions Column in his treatment. We cover how to understand emotional life as it relates to the onset and timing of symptoms and how to ‘think emotionally’, instead of feeling stuck in the physicality of the symptoms. Dan also considers questions from the viewing and listening audience, as he does everything he can to help patients resolve their doubt, understand their emotions, grow more personally powerful, and reduce or eradicate their symptoms.