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crushing doubt

Nov 23, 2020

On the second episode of Crushing Doubt, Dan interviews Eddy Lindenstein, competitive weightlifter and the host of The Mind and Fitness Podcast. Eddy and Dan share their bonds over chronic pain and their recoveries, focusing on the roadblocks and system failures that got in the way of their getting better more quickly or even having hope, at times, along the way that they would get better at all.

Julie and Dan discuss the nature of doubt and how the identities we cling to for ourselves can make for a self critical response that gets in the way of self understanding and healing. The two compare notes on how to understand the way our bodies communicate with our minds to convey the ways we are hurting or suffering. After Eddy’s interview, Julie and Dan explore themes of masculinity, how to open up to others, and the power that can come with such a brave step.

The podcast closes as Dan considers some frequently asked questions he encounters in trying to help patients resolve their doubt, understand their emotions, and reduce or eradicate their symptoms.