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crushing doubt

Nov 12, 2021

In this episode of our How To series, I do a deeper dive into the nuts and bolts of how to expose doubts as illogical and hard to continue believing once looked at in the right way. In specific, I help the viewer consider laying out two theories next to one another so that we can see which ones hold up to scientific and logical scrutiny.

Today, we look at level one doubt: when you are not sure if your symptoms are mind body issues or if they might be structural in some way. I lay out the mind body interpretation of a specific doubt — that we might just be re-injuring an initial injury over and over — versus a structural theory of what is happening. As we look at the structural theory, we find that science is, decidedly, against it, and then the logic starts to fall apart as well. One of the things I point out is that, to keep supporting such an illogical theory, a secondary theory is usually required and the process continues until there are so many assumptions required to keep it going that it becomes obviously false.

This is a major way that I engage in using logic against each one of my doubts and I am hopeful that, in your being able to see it in action, you can make further headway in winning the many battles against doubt, just as I have.